Cheese for every meal

I’m here! In Annecy, France. Annecy is a small town in the French alps surrounded by mountains and on a massive lake about an hour away from the Swiss border. Mum and I are renting an apartment on the 4th floor of a building built in the 1700’s, smack dab in the middle of old town. Charming and quaint, apparently known as the Venice of France and epicenter of French cuisines (THE CHEESE THOUGH).

Our journey is as follows. Also, some of these pics maybe repeats of what you see on my FB or Insta. Sorry bout it, some things are just too good I just have to post immediately. Enjoy my friends!

(Important: To read photo captions hover or click on individual pictures 🙂 )

The evening arrival


I recently read that Anthony Bourdain does not eat on planes, no matter how long the ride. He makes a point that no one feels good after eating a meal on the plane, and that we all do it because we’re bored. Having related to this feeling on many occasions, I decided that I too would hold off on plane fare. When I got off the plane I felt good (not bloated) airy and not swollen and most importantly ready to eat! We opted for fondue at a local favorite in Annecy called Le Freti, it was moms b-day dinner. This place smell like stiiiinky foot, always a sign of the good cheese… The fondue pot is a mix of 3 cheeses, charcuterie plate, slab of warm goat cheese atop fresh french bread and salads with a light dressing with hazelnuts and lardons. We ate it all. Well, most of it. Needless to say we ate ourselves into a food coma. Not pictured: birthday gelato pistachio and strawberry for me, mango for mama. Restaurant: Le Freti


Day two; first full day


#coffeetime from our terrace. #ANNECY

OK I have to say, having these fresh ingredients at hand constantly makes it really easy to eat delicious and healthy. Mum has been researching french recipes and we have been cooking with lots of spices, few ingredients with lots of flavor. There are TONS of great little restaurants and wine bars that we will definitely be testing out a many in the days to come. Will keep you posted! After shopping and cooking, mom and I attended a free choir concert in the cathedral down the road. It was 7 & 8 year olds, the acoustics though.. Pretty amazing. When I was in elementary school our concerts were held in our gymnasium?

#markets #annecy #france #Bordeaux #chocolate #cheese #choir #singing

#deambule #cathedral #choir

PS. I’ve literally eaten cheese with every meal.

Day 3; a day at the lake, with a lot of food.


OK I need to highlight two things that have changed my life for the better in the past two days, the first being Creme Frais. Unpasteurized, fresh un-aged cheese with cream. It’s pretty low in fat and tastes JUST like yogurt with an eggier consistency. It’s a french delicacy. I’ve been eating this for breakfast with my market fruit and local honey, SO DELICIOUS!!! And the next is the regions local cheese, Reblochon De Savoie (pictured below). We got two wheels for ten euros and quite possibly the best buy of the day. This stuff has a camembert consistency but is much more mild and SERIOUSLY delectable. Perfect with a fresh baguette and salami. Seriously, you guys.


After an early rise exercise sesh, J and I packed our lunch and headed to the lake for the day. SO SO SO SO SO beautiful. And busy. And HOT. Came back and made eggplant parm for dinner, napped and then strolled around town after 9pm for some live music and of course gelato. Again, I ate cheese at all 3 meals today.


And I sit here writing this, a man is playing the accordion outside on the street below, the crowded streets hustle and bustle late into the night, all the sounds of the outside pouring in our open terrace doors 4 floors above. I could get used to this!  I think I could definitely live here. And for those who know me, so far it’s been THE BEST 3 DAYS EVER.


-To Be Continued-



  1. Thank you! I should’ve started doing this years ago.. Better late than never right? I just need a place to keep my travels in order. Thanks for the support it means a lot! 🙂

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