Market Day in Annecy, France

Our day started out with creme frais and berries, coffee and a 5 mile run on the lake followed by yoga in the park. The town is packed with tourists this weekend and it being market day AND game night, France vs Portugal, it’s going to be a hectic day. Nonetheless, after yoga in the park we headed to the market with shopping list in hand.


Today we met this lovely gem of a fellow! He spoke little English but mom was able to communicate with him- a bit- in French. This guy is loud, lively and informational (only if I spoke French.. *sigh*), he sources all of his meats from local farms in the region. He also has the best salami I’ve tasted thus far in France. It’s a specialty to the area. Salty, a little tough to bite but the flavor is everything, smokey with enough spice to balance out the salt. DIVINE! Luckily he is at the market 3 days a week. Now we have a meat guy!! & he knows  J as Mama.


Unfortunately we were unable to find the original creme frais J bought last week, however I found a version made from goats milk rather than cow. I LOVE all things goat (except for grandmas) so I’m excited to try that in the morning. Other purchases included the usual fruit and veg, baguette and some body soap made of olive and chevre, supposedly good for eczema.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. Had a lunch spread of what is becoming our usual, bread, cheese, salami, olives and wine, followed by a quality 2 hour nap. It was 90 degrees today so we opted for a cool afternoon enjoying the amenities of our cozy apartment. For dinner I whipped up a dish of fresh tomato and avocado with basil leaves and olive oil, simple and satisfying. Shortly after we headed down to Captain’s Pub, just down the canal and over the bridge from our apartment. It was starting to get hectic around 8pm (with a 9pm kickoff). Bars were filling up and people were flooding into the streets. These people go CRAZY over football (what we know as soccer), dressed up from head to toe in the colors of the flag, wigs and even saw a few light sabors out there. Fireworks are lit and chanting is a real thing.. The pictures don’t even do it justice.

Do you see that tiny, tiny TV screen through the middle arch there? Yes, dozens of people gather at bars like this around town to watch football. Imagine if they had a Big Al’s….


OK going to bed now, so I can wake up and eat some goat cheese for breakfast.



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