The art of the French omelette & other culinary exploits

I woke up this morning with a swollen foot, I guess I’ve been overdoing it on my runs… Too much too soon? UGH. Decided to take a rest day on the exercise, ice, elevate and research how to make the French omelette. Basically French omelettes are smooth, fragile and rolled to perfection as opposed to folded over like an American Omelette in a half-moon shape, usually overstuffed with a lumpy exterior.

The French omelette is often eaten plain or with cheese, it is a simple piece of art, that I learned require skill and practice to perfect. I’m going to give you the rundown of my first attempt. And being the American that I am, I decided I’d stuff mine with veggies and French cheese.


Two eggs whisked with salt & pepper, herbs de Provence (mix of thyme, oregano, etc.) and finely chopped parsley.

I cut up one small juicy tomato, a small onion and red, green and yellow peppers, sautéed in butter over medium heat. Set aside. Next poured egg mixture into pan over medium heat and lightly scrambling with a fork to make slightly lumpy but still wet enough so that a “pancake” layer forms on the bottom. Then I added my sautéed peppers and cheese. Here comes the hard part, sliding egg down to one side of pan, then using a fork to roll it down to the bottom. As you can see, mine was very delicate and so it ripped in a few places. Maybe overstuffed? The recipe does call for three eggs and I only used two. Next time I will try three. I ended up just flopping it upside down from the pan to avoid complete destruction.



The result: A super light, smooth omelette with big flavors of simple spices. Topped with pesto, garnished with basil leaves and a slice of fresh tomato. Perhaps next time I use three eggs and no stuffings in order to achieve complete success.. Either way it was light and delicious!

After lunch we had a mission to find Sephora to buy face masks. And tonight we will watch a French film and repaint our nails! On our way to Sephora we indulged in a few culinary endeavors… The first being a pastry.


I had a version on an almond croissant and J had a Praline brioche at Chevallier. I found the croissant to be on the drier side, with too much powdered sugar and not enough almond paste, which ended up overpowering the little almond flavor there was. Wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had but definitely not the best. J had similar opinions of her brioche, yet it didn’t stop us from consuming them wholly. Would I recommend this patisserie? For the pastry, probably not unless you’re really hungry..

Now the next stop was the highlight of the day, personally. We came across Fabrique De La Cure Gourmande, which is a Biscuitier and French sweets shop. We were greeted with a apricot jelly filled biscuit.. And OMG my life has been changed yet again.

So.many.BISCUITS ❤ I’m in love. Fabrique De La Cure Gourmande is a must stop for anyone with a sweet tooth while visiting Annecy. French traditional sweets galore. A lovely surprise! 


The biscuits we sampled were so soft and chewy, like a fresh out of the oven cookie filled with a mild fruity jam, not too sweet and so delicate in density and flavor. We escaped the store with just a few things but will most definitely go back for more. They also had house-made caramels, chocolates, marzipan and many other French traditional delights. This place is a MUST GO if in Annecy. Honestly I didn’t even know I liked biscuits so much.

J feeling French.

I’m currently snacking on eggplant tapanade as J is cooking a traditional cheese and potato dish of the region, called tartiflette de Haute Savoie, which includes an entire wheel of cheese, potatoes, lardons, etc. The overwhelming smell of onions and bacon with the sounds of boiling water in the pot of potatoes in the kitchen is making me hungry, again!

Dinner is served!
SO.Delicious. Cheese please??
Local dish accompanied by local wine! Vin de Savoie. Absolutely perfect.

Time for a face mask. Tomorrow I will continue healthy eating 😉 Bon Apetit!



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