Best coffee shop and Beer bar in Annecy

It has been raining non-stop for the past three days. Despite the torrential downpours, thunder storms and midday showers, we have found plenty to do with a whole lot of nothing on the side! The market still goes on, however much less busy, which I find much more enjoyable, the bakeries still bake and the beer still gets poured. Upon arrival in France I’ve taken more naps than I have since college and have a croissant a day, or gelato.  One thing that never subsides is hunger and thirst for a good bevvy.


You put money on a card, scan it at preferred tap station and fill up or just taste, and it charges you for the amount of beer taken. There are 12+ taps of the Belgian, French, Swiss and Canadian variety (etc). They also have tons of different glasses, shapes and sizes, to choose from. Stole this Oregon girls heart ❤

After our visit to Beer-o-clock our hunger kicked in, naturally. We went to a little place across the street called Le Poivrier for a dinner of some local delight:


After this we went into a food coma. Today we woke up for some reason believing it was market day, which is actually tomorrow. What it turned out to be is Bastille Day! Bastille Day celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789, the beginning of the French revolution. There are several events going on throughout the day, however it has been off and on raining. We did make it out for coffee this morning, at this wonderful little shop right down the street from our apartment. It’s literally a whole-in-the-wall.

Cafe Bunna

This cozy little shop offers gourmet coffees, many different versions of Croque Monsieur, carrot and apple cakes and of course, croissants. The couple that own it are Dutch! Olaf and Jolanda opened the cafe just two months ago on a quiet street just over from the main touristy canal. It is by far the best coffee I’ve had since in Annecy, Gma I know you will love it. There are furry pillows, stone walls and wooden blocks to sit on, around small wooden tables with a small outdoor seating area in front. Highly recommend this joint, they’ve got a new regular.

Followed by the parade…

Stage setup in the park
Gorgeous mountain views.


And then came the rain.

Below are some shots from our walks around the lake. The day before yesterday the rain called at 1pm so we decided to walk to the next village over and the roundtrip ended up being 8 miles. The lingering fog on the mountains and brief scattered showers made for a beautiful grey morning. Enjoy!


Going to see what’s up tonight. Happy Bastille Day France! Au revoir!




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