When Dutch friends come to visit!

Since we lasts spoke, mum and I cycled 27 miles around the lake, I attempted to make a quiche with a cauliflower crust (first time), got a sunburn, went to the market twice, and our Dutch pal Martje and her boyfriend Oliver came to visit! During their stay we showed them some of our favorite spots as well as discovered some new ones.

We started off with a stroll through town and first stop was Beer-O-Clock. Following beer we wandered up the hill to the chateau that mum and I have had yet to visit, for a wander back down in which we came upon the most adorable posh wine bar called Les Caves du Chateau.

We opted for a mixed fromage and chacuterie platter of local cheeses and an array of meats with a bottle of white Savoie Chignen-Bergen. A perfect crisp white wine on a warm day. We have sampled a few of this name and we love it!

This small wine bar is located on a hill leading up to the Annecy chateau that overlooks town, barely off the beaten path and just a street over from the main tourist strip. They have a great selection of local wines by the glass, decent prices and fabulous platters of smoked salmon, cured meats, local cheese and fresh veg. It was great to be away from the crowds and catch up with some Dutch/English banter.

This town always seems to have something going on throughout these summer months, this Sunday night was dancing in the park. Later we returned to Le Freti (home of the Savoie fondue we consumed my first night) so that Martje and Oliver could experience it for themselves. We ordered the same three cheese mix fondue and another pot of just Swiss cheese, we ate ourselves late into the evening. After too much wine and a lot of rich food we turned in around midnight.

In need of some decent coffee, our Dutch pals were extremely satisfied when we took them to our favorite coffee spot in Annecy, Cafe Bunna. The coffee is strong and the froth on top is smooth, foamy and absolutely perfect; they agreed. 🙂 The owners gave us a few recommendations on how to spend the day. So we followed!

We drove up to the lookout point of Col De la  Forclaz, about a 25 minute drive from Annecy toward a small village called Talloires, which the Tour De France will be passing through THIS WEEKEND. Quite a hill, but checkout that view of the lake..

Naturally we hiked up to a restaurant overlooking that beautiful view, where paragliders were jumping from the cliffs near us and drifting at our level, gliding over the lake, as we sipped large beers admiring the scenery.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the village of Talloires. We devoured a picnic lunch of salami, olives, baguette, etc., on the grass at the local beach in town. We paid 2.50 Euro per person for entrance. More of a swimming hole than a regular beach, the water was deep, fit with a slide and diving board, and kiddie section. After hours lounging around we walked through the quaint small town and enjoyed a beverage at a very trendy little joint called Cafe De La Place. It was one of the few places open but had a nice terrace and it was a nice quiet change. Mum made us a nice reblochon cheese tartiflette for dinner. I think they get it about the cheese… And then we sampled four different berry tarts for dessert from the bakery around the corner. Another successful meal!

This cathedral sits on a hill overlooking Annecy. Was built between 1922-1930. Quite a hike up the hill but worth it.

Once there we snacked on watermelon we snagged from the market. Today it is HOT! About 90 degrees as I write  (5pm) this and will get warmer all week. Our friends’ visit was short but fab. Hope you two enjoy the rest of your France travels!

Being able to be here for so long really gives me a great sense for the place and how much there really is to do, see and really appreciate. Whether we cycle the lake every day or sit up on our terrace, drinking homemade Spritz’ eating tapenade with breadsticks from our little Italian shop down the road, every day is a good day! While wandering curious streets we find so many places that we have to add to our “list.” I spent the rest of my afternoon lounging in the park under a big tree in the shade listening to Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please!” book on audible. #loveithere

J and I bought duck and will attempt to make that tonight for dinner. #JuliaChild



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