EAT & DRINK: A day in Annecy

Enjoying a local white wine before dinner at L’affaire De Gouts.

Good food excites me. As some of you may know, I’m a huge foodie. I love exploring different cultures by cuisine and talking to the ones doing the growing or the chefs behind the masterpieces. My goal in life is to be the female version of Anthony Bourdain! Or Andrew Zimmern, he’s cool too…

This past month we’ve done tons of shopping at the market and preparing Haute-Savoie specialties, and an array of meals in our little kitchen, as well as checking out the local scene. I’ve mentioned a few places in other posts and have yet to experience a place that wasn’t good, but here’s a few places that we continue to go to or have had an extra great experience.

Coffee: Cafe Bunna

Iced coffee from Cafe Bunna

Cafe Bunna has by far the best coffee in Annecy. It’s a cozy espresso bar with 4 tables inside and a few out front. They offer a selection of delicious coffee, from flat white to a classic cappuccino their specialty being iced coffee (pictured above) with a hint of natural vanilla flavoring. The iced is fabulous on a hot day and the cappuccino is my go-to, with the perfect amount of foam and the perfect fluffy frothiness. They offer several versions of croque monsieur sandwiches, Dutch apple and carrot cakes and buttery flakey croissants in the morning. You can also substitute for almond milk for a charge, but they do the lattes just right with regular. If you’re looking for bland watery cafe Americano, this ain’t your place. Good, strong and sturdy coffee! 17 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Annecy 

Drink/apéritif: Cafe Des Arts

This place is COOL. You’ll find a variety of people out front of Cafe Des Arts on a hot day shaded from the blistering sun or an evening, crowded with hipsters, goths and oldies alike. The inside has a grungy vibe with black and white old snapshots of celebs on the walls and Beatles on the radio, followed by hard-core rock’n’roll tune. It’s definitley got an artsy vibe. This place doesn’t do hard alcohol but their Aeperol Spritz (6 euro) is pretty solid, and they offer sangria at a good price (3 euro). They’ve got a large selection of beers and wine and offer a cheese plate for aparetif.  It’s located in a small courtyard in the midst of busy old town. Quiet-ish and good for people watching. Also, live music every Wednesday.  Great ambiance and good prices. 4 Passage de l’Isle, 74000, Annecy

Lunch/Crepes: Creperie Ti Mad

Florentine crepe on the left and Robloche on the right.

We tried two different places for crepes, this being the first, and we opted for savory. They are gluten-free buckwheat crepes and I went with the florentine crepe stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, bacon bits and eggs. It was fantastic. The crepe itself was very thin and a delightful texture. They had many options of sweet or savory at decent prices. Specialty crepes (like mine) were around 9 euro and the basics were around 5. The salad was 3 euro with a homemade dressing. This joint is owned by husband and wife, located just off a side street away from all the tourists. We got there at 1pm and on a Saturday and the place was packed, luckily there was one table available outside. Apparently there’s quite an art to making a crepe yet with such simple ingredients. First time for a savory crepe and it was a success. Go here! 21 Rue Royale, 74000 Annecy

Creperie La Bolee

This cafe is located in the center of the shopping street, about midway from our house to the flea market in which we were heading, and then it started pouring down rain. So we decided to wait it out and go for a sweet crepe and coffee. First off let me say the coffee here is great, nice bold flavor and strong. The crepes are massive, as you can see, and they offer a sweet crepe in any way you can think of; with liqueur, ice cream, nuts and chocolate, honey, etc. This sweet crepe reminded me of a pancake, but a very thin one, and not as sweet, but the chocolate, coconuts and almonds I topped it off with filled the sweet craving. Good cheap place and a nice rest stop from a day of shopping or to hideout from rain. They were tasty, but HUGE, maybe just share. 41 Rue Carnot, 74000 Annecy

Dinner: L’Affaire De Gouts

The service I had at this restaurant maybe the best I’ve had in all of France. This restaurant is located on a quiet street behind our apartment, again away from the main tourist strip, kind of hidden behind bushes inbetween tall buildings. The first to arrive that night for dinner, the chef seated us himself and presented the menus. We went for the 33 euro three course set menu, which had many options for an appetizer, entree and dessert. I had the shrimp in a coconut creme with thai chili, which was such a unique flavor combination and the shrimp was very fresh. For my main I went with the duck in a sesame sauce, served with thai rice, and for dessert had the richest chocolate fondant cake filled with warm melted chocolate, served with a raspberry sorbet and creme. The chef came out for a chat after the meal and offered us a complimentary shot of a local liqueur. The outside seating was very pleasant on such a quiet street, with small fires and string lights. Not a tourist trap and hidden gem with a relaxed ambiance, the place for a slow paced French meal. They don’t rush you here. 6 Rue Joseph Blanc, 74000 Annecy

Frozen delights: Yogolicious

Heaven on earth. Yogurt froyo with warm nutella and fresh juicy strawberries and blueberries.

There are tons of places for glace (ice cream and gelato) all over town, and who doesn’t love gelato? One of my personal favorite frozen treats in Europe is their version of Froyo. I always get the plain yogurt flavor (a bit tart) and top it with warm nutella and berries. You literally cannot go wrong. Now Yogolicious isn’t a local gem but a chain with few other locations in Europe and one in Australia, however they pride themselves on using fresh and local ingredients, biological and healthy alternatives. They offer four different yogurts, mango, original, strawberry, etc, and operate like Froyo joints in the US with a full bar of toppings from fruit and nuts to cookies and candy. It’s my idea of a perfect treat on a hot day. It’s located in a busy square and is great for people watching. Watch out for pigeons. 25 Rue Sainte-Claire, 74000 Annecy


I always ask about the specials, local specialties and the preference of the waitress or chef and the most popular dish. Sometimes just pointing at someone else’s’ plate that looks good to you, is the best way to go. However I am a very adventurous eater and I like it that way. Now, go eat! Bon apetit!


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