Hong Kong Arrival & Michelin Dim Sum for din din!

HONG KONG IS AWESOME. I live in Mong Kok – fun fact, Mong Kok is the most densely populated neighborhood in the entire world – known for it’s shopping until midnight and outdoor markets. I took the bus from the airport this morning at 10:30am which was super easy and took 30 minutes. By the time I walked from the bus stop to my building, sweat was beading down my back as the humid tropic temps were kicking my ass. It’s hot.


I arrived at the Ngai Hing Mansion (yes, the building I moved into today is called the Ngai Hing Mansion) to meet the housing director who kindly let me in and showed me to my new Princess Castle.


I met my two roommates. They’re both awesome, one from the UK and the other from Florida. Our apartment is quite spacious, fully equipped with all the regs. I have the biggest room in the flat with my own private bathroom. Pure Heaven. Do you know how long it’s been since I have had any space that I can call my own!? The company provided me with new sheets, they are SO cute. They have pears all over them. The house is fully furnished.


I’ve got a good view, powerful aircon and plenty of storage for clothes. After unpacking I attempted a run but barely made it 3 miles due to the humidity and horrendous heat of the day at 4pm.


I showered, got ready and met with Kate (my college pal who has been teaching English and living in HK since June) for dim sum at the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the world. It is so worth every single penny.


We ordered:

Vermicelli roll stuffed with beef and soy sauce.
Turnip cakes served with a Siracha-like (but better, thicker and spicier) sauce.
Sizzling shrimp dim sum.
Star of the show, pork buns. The biscuit is decadent, buttery, rich and steaming hot. Literally melt in your mouth, stuffed with an almost sweet, tenderized pork. Three words, Fab-u-lous!
Eggplant stuffed with pork in a mild curry. The curry sauce was delicious.
Pork bun belly.
This wasn’t even half of what we ordered. On the far right (half pictured) is the pork and shrimp dim sum. Kate and I felt this was a close second in favorite of the night. Above that is deliciously flavored pork spare ribs. All meals are served with hot tea. We ordered 6 different plates to share.

All for about $10 USD each.

First meal in Hong Kong and happy as a CLAM!

I know now that all I need in life is some dim sum and pork bun to make me happy.

We finished off the night at an outdoor bar on the 4th floor of the Langham hotel, called the Garage. We had “beercocktails” under the stairs while we let our food digest as we caught up on life. Looking forward to this adventure with MUCH more to come.


I feel so lucky! And tired. I’m going to bed so that I can explore my new city for the next week before I start work. Orientation begins on the 1st. Goodnight! 🙂


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