Hong Kong gems – Street food, Won ton noodles and Oddies Foodies waffle creations

I’m feeling settled in! My room is getting cozier and the fridge a little fuller.. I’m starting to get the metro system down, figured out which stop is closest to my apartment and finally know exactly where I live. I’ve spent the last two days shopping for things I need and eating along the way.. Let me tell you, Hong Kong truly is a foodie & shoppers paradise. The shopping malls are massive, there’s an info booth every 50 feet with maps and assistance for help navigating the maze of high-end stores. The markets are another whirlwind. I WANT ALL THE THINGS!


The outdoor markets here are insane. There’s so many people walking the streets and the markets sell everything you could possibly want from clothing & electronics to food, flowers and goldfish. There is an entire market dedicated to goldfish! And most of them are on my side of town. In the past few days I’ve explored Ladies Market, Fa Yuen Street, Temple Street and Kowloon city Market.

I’m slightly obsessed with all things food related. I could spend hours perusing the different kinds of fresh produce, butchered animals, local delicacies herbs and spices.

Fa Yuen Street food market.
Dragon Fruit. Fa Yuen Street
Fa Yuen Street squid


Exotic fruit


You can buy every single part of the chicken.


Milk Green tea with bubbles. So refreshing on a hot day! Love it.


My personal favorite is the Kowloon City “wet” market, the biggest wet market in Asia. A wet market sells meat and produce whereas a dry market sells clothing and electronics. So basically it’s a massive farmer’s market. It’s in a 3 story building and has over 500 stalls. They literally have everything you could possibly need in regards to food, from spices to living fish, turtles and frogs. This is where I will now go for Sunday morning shopping!

The people of Hong Kong are so kind.


Also- foot massages are a big thing here and they’re SO cheap. They are intertwined throughout the markets in side streets. $12 for 45 minutes? Yes please. I opted for a combo deal, 45 minute foot massage and 45 minute body massage for the equivalent of $35 USD. YAAS. Both were fantastic. The back and body massage were a bit of a shock, I had no idea what to expect. It involved pulling, hitting, stretching and extremely deep pressure. Following the deep pressure points the masseuse would massage it and hit which resulted in goosebumps all over my body, from my temples to my calves. When it was over I felt light as air. It was pretty amazing. That Chinese medicine! — Which left my body insanely sore the following day #worthit.


There are TONS of hole-in-the-wall restaurants/eateries and street food that I cannot wait to try on this side of town. I have seen maybe 5 tourists in Kowloon since I’ve been here. Occasionally one must stop for food.

Wonton noodles with shrimp dumplings.


One evening after exploring Temple Street night market, I wound up at a place called Mak’s noodles around the corner. I was sat with a woman chowing down on some wonton noodles. I asked her what she was eating and we struck up conversation. She helped me order the wonton noodles with shrimp dumplings. It was delicious. And she was awesome. Delicious noodles and only $4. Yes, please! And they cook it front of house.


The people here are so friendly and kind, the food delicious and the city as a whole glorious. It’s clean and safe. I absolutely love it. Kate and I explored central the other day where we took a spin class at this super beautiful modern cycle studio. There were strobe lights and arm weights involved in the spin class. Amazing! Then we took the giant escalators up to SOHO – where there are amazing restaurants and bars. Love this neighborhood. I see many Happy Hour’s in my future..



Outdoor escalators to the top of the hill near SOHO.

Also it is where I was introduced to the Oddies Eggette. A chocolate chip waffle “eggette” with milk and chocolate soft-serve atop passion fruit Panna cotta and butter crumbs. Seriously whoever invented this is a genius. A unique and winning flavor combination. THANKS KATE!

Later that night we took the Star Ferry across the harbor back to Kowloon (my homeland). Epic view. The skyline is actually quite impressive and so gorgeous at night. I’m definitely loving my new city and the adventure has only just begun.



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