Big Buddha & Tai O fishing village adventure, must try the cuttlefish!

I just love playing tourist now and again! It was 84 degrees today, which is 10 degrees cooler than it’s been and you could feel it. So I took advantage of the forecast and planned a whole day outside. I didn’t sweat half as much today than I have on a regular basis since arrival, so that was a highlight (HA). Today I visited the Big Buddha and Po Lin monastery on top of a mountain on Lantau island followed by a visit to Tai O fishing village. I took the metro to the island where I then took the 25 minute cable car with glass bottom to Ngong Ping village, home of Big Buddha. The ride itself was worth the 35 minute wait in line to buy tickets. It was overcast and grey today and a little foggy around the mountain, but clear enough and beautiful.

Going up!

Glass bottom floor, extra $50 HKD. Maybe unnecessary but worth it. The colorful views were pretty cool.

The Big Buddha isn’t ancient but actually was completed in 1993 and symbolizes the relationship between man and nature, people and faith. When you first see it from the cable car, amidst the fog in the distance and the lush greenery, it takes your breath away.


MADE IT! Selfie game was strong today.

The walkway leading to the Monastery and Big Buddha is lined with statues, the Twelve Divine Generals, that guard Big Buddha. Each general symbolizes a Chinese Zodiac animal.

Me and a general. He looks pissed! Each had different weapons and facial expressions.

The chillin’ cow.

On the way up!

The six Bodhisattvas surround the Big Buddha.

Po Lin Monastery in the distance surrounded by mountains and lush greenery.


People lighting incense before praying at the monastery.

Yours truly! In front of Po Lin monastery.

Inside one of the monastery buildings.

How gorgeous is this?!

Tai O fishing village on Lantau Island

I took a 20 minute bus ride from the mountain down to Tai O village. I took a boat ride (paid $3.20 USD) through the river to see the stilt houses and village. After the neighborhood watch we were taken out into the open water, where if you’re lucky you will spot a pink dolphin… And we did! Sadly I wasn’t able to capture a picture. Later I wandered through the small village for a couple of hours before finally stopping for a cold Blue Lady (beer) on a back patio atop the stilts overlooking the water. It was great. And on my way back to the bus I sampled some fresh cuttlefish and a curry fishball which were both delicious! There was a huge line of people waiting, that’s always a good sign.


Village scenes.

A fisherLady deboning some fish.


Tai O is a traditional fishing village with traditional stilt housing, predominant of Old Southern Chinese fishing villages. It is one of the few remaining.

A photogs paradise!

Tai O fishing village from the boat.


A small local produce market in Tai O.

This woman was grilling dried squid.

Some type of lobster street food snack.

That right there my friends, is an entire cuttlefish. It was prepared, boiled, cut up and served in some type of soy sauce. This stand also served fish balls (fried balls of fish, plain or with curry seasoning) and meatballs. The line was long here every time I passed. Always a good sign..

More street food. Squid, sausage and other types of seafood & their dressings.

I took a stroll through one of the neighborhoods where some homes were located along the water. It was very quiet.

Children’s toys.

The man in the house keeping an eye on his drying fish.

This is what most of the homes looked like.

This village is big for their dried fish, as you can see.

More fish drying in the neighborhood.

Another home.

Children’s school on the right.


A temple in the town plaza.

“Snow White spouse wanted”

This man is well known for baking waffle eggettes over a charcoal stove.

Locals playing a game of Mah Jong.

Soo I went back to the cuttlefish stand and gave it a try. Also got a curry fish ball, DELICIOUS. It was piping hot and fresh. I don’t know the name of this place but when I go back, this is where I’ll eat.

Preparing the cuttlefish.

My view while enjoying a cold brew after walking around for hours. I sat on a back patio overlooking the water, on the stilts.

Blue Girl Lager. A German brew imported and found readily available almost anywhere in HK.


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