HK Museum of History, Butao Ramen and Mr.Wongs – 3 must visits.

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last wrote, I’ve just been so busy adjusting to my new home and quite possibly the place I have been waiting for my entire life. I’m seriously obsessed with Hong Kong.

It’s a massive city with over 6,000 restaurants and expats from every corner of the world surrounded by amazing views, hikes and beaches. In Mong Kok you can eat from a noodle joint (literal whole-in-wall) and feel like you’re in the depths of Asia while only just a short metro ride away from Central, in which in any bar you may feel as if you’re in SOHO New York or sipping cocktails in a fancy sky bar in London. This place is genius.

First of all, it has the most beautiful skyline I’ve ever seen, hands down. Sorry NYC. You can find *DELICIOUS* cuisine from around the globe and pay as little as a dollar or two, to as much as you want. There is a mall on every corner of this city and temples throughout. And unfortunately cockroaches ūüė¶ I’m getting used to the humidity although my hair is not.. However the Air conditioning game in this city is on point.

My main goal in life is to eat ALL the things. Spicy red ramen from Butao Ramen in Soho, central. Chili spiced minced beef with thick noodles, cabbage, Japanese boiled egg and the most delectable pork belly I’ve ever tasted. Downed with two Sapparo beers followed by ice cream to cure the heart burn.

I started my job last week at Monkey Tree learning center and have just finished my last day of orientation today. I am teaching English to children 2.5-12 years old. OMG. Seriously, who knew I would love teaching so much? The kids are amazing and ridiculously smart, I have students at 8 years old who are fluent in a second language.. What were you doing at age 8???

The public transportation here is amazing, so easy to use, clean and CHEAP. Download the MTR app.

I’ve made lots of fab new pals and have eaten at sooo many good places. ¬†I love Happy hour at Knutsford Terrace, a strip of bars and restaurants with an array of cuisines in the midst of bustling TST on Kowloon (close to home) and found out that I actually love LEGIT ramen. Also, warm eggette waffles with chocolate chips and soft served milk ice cream are a THING. You guys I’ve been waiting so long to find my place, my thing… Hong Kong you are it!¬†There is SO much to do here, the list is never ending. Here are some cool things I’ve been up to leading to orientation.

10,000 buddhas Monastery

The 10,000 Buddha monastery is sort of a whimsical experience of it’s own. The path leading up to the monastery on top of the hill is lined with Gold life size buddhas, each making a different facial expression. Some are legit hilarious!

I feel like he gets me..

“Hey Boys”

After 431 steps to the top, you finally reach the monastery where you’ll find… More awesome buddhas.

This one makes me feel weird but I like it…

The view from the top is pretty spectacular.


History of Hong Kong Museum

The Hong Kong Museum of History is a must-do for any visitor or newbie to HK. It literally explains everything and more about Hong Kong, its culture and people since the beginning of its time. I spent 3.5 hours here. To truly understand and appreciate a place, one must understand its past. This is the place to do it. Plus, it’s free on Wednesdays.

Inside the Hong Kong Museum of History, the beginning of the large exhibit. 

OK does anyone else watch Downton Abbey? Lord Napier ring any bells?! This was in the part of the exhibit discussing the Opium war and when/how the British took control of HK. So fascinating. 

Charlie Brown Cafe

I happened upon this sign while on the way back to the metro after perusing the museum. Enchanted with this city’s obsession with cartoon cafes, I had to check it out for myself..

This my friends is a caffe latte from the Charlie Brown cafe. It was actually delicious and great coffee. All the pastries and dishes at this cafe are shaped as Charlie Brown characters ‚̧ Take me back to childhood.. I find this wonderful yet hilarious.

And this was the bathroom mirror… #YAASLUCY

Mr Wong’s

Mr Wong’s is a hilarious experience in itself. For less than $8 USD, you can eat unlimited (western style) Chinese food¬†and drink copious amounts of cold cheap beer. The restaurant is TINY and was packed. The food isn’t the best I’ve had in Hong Kong, however hot and fresh, but it’s the experience alone you must go for. Mr. Wong is a nut! He loves chattin’ it up with guests, sitting at their tables and talking nonsense. Most of the time you’ll see him running around shouting banter¬†and his shirt seeping through with sweat.¬†

It’s worth coming for the beer alone… ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER.FOR.8.DOLLARS!!!!!¬†

Monkey tree tainees at Mr. Wong’s.

Random Acai Bowl for good measure. Was craving something from Hawaii in this heat. Literally, anything you want here, they have it.

Seaweed chips.. So delicious! And healthy. Right??

Me & my wonderful roomie Emily from England on a night out in LKF. By the way.. 7/11 drinking is a major thing here. People buy alcohol from 7/11, stand outside and drink it before hitting the bars. It’s hilarious but a real thing!

Just some food porn for you. #lunchbreak #Laksa #Haikan #fortresshill #spicy&delicious.

And for now, I will leave you with that. Goodnight world, it’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong.


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