A Day trip to Macau.

Today Kate and I took a trip to the the Portuguese island of Macau. You know, just a leisurely Sunday visiting another country 🙂

The mix of Chinese and Portuguese architecture was fabulous.

It literally felt like we were in Portugal./China. lol.

The town was decorated for the Autumn festival later this month.

Senado square was so charming! It is pretty touristy but is part of the old town and a must see while visiting.

And can I just say that their garbage cans are on point?

A beautiful yellow church in Old town.

This shop was known for their crazy pork biscuits (pictured below) which were out of this world delicious. Buttery, slightly sweet cookie with a salty pork flavor. Awesome combo!! I refrained from buying any but did purchase some honey glazed pork jerky- also wonderful.

Busy streets in old town Macau.

I was surrounded by Portuguese egg tarts ALL DAY ❤ Eggy custard filling in a pastry crust in the form of mini pies. I tried these for the first time in Lisbon a few years ago and have been in love ever since.

These are Macau Almond biscuit cookies. They were giving out free samples everywhere of local treats.

The mixture of Chinese and Portuguese vibes was so strange yet wonderful.

Just a 10 minute walk from Senado square in old town are the ruins of St. Paul’s from the 16th century, standing on a hill overlooking town. Pretty beautiful sight on a very sunny hot day.


View from the top of the stairs of the ruins.


That building with the bunnies is a Forever21 lol.

Umbrellas when it rains, umbrellas when it’s hot as h*ll.

After visiting the ruins we wandered over to a green lush park and walked up loads of steps to the fort overlooking town.

Beautiful banyan trees.

Once at the top we scored some nice views!

Again, their garbage cans…

Just checking things out..

After doing the essential tourist thing we perused some quieter streets in town.

Here we found a small grocery shop and found 1 liter beers for 7 HKD – the equivalent of 90 cents US.

Cheers to that!

And saw some cool street art..

This I loved!

And then we found a quiet table outside a local park and drank our ice cold, (LESS THAN 1$)  Chinese brew.

And did some people watching..

 Kate wrote her post cards. Then we grew hungry.. So we took a taxi to the other side of Macau for lunch at a local Portuguese joint we’ve heard raving reviews about, called Fernando’s.

We started with a pitcher of Sangria outside in their open air courtyard while we waited for a table. We got there at about 1:40 and it was packed.

We ordered and shared the suckling pig (left), a salad with lettuce, onion and wonderful red tomatoes with a dressing of olive oil and lemon. I felt like I was back in the Medd.!

The suckling pig was delectable… The meat was so tender and the skin was so crunchy and full of flavor.

We also ordered a side of chorizo which was also delicious. I recommend all of these things! YUM.

After lunch we took the bus to “the strip.” Macau is essentially the Vegas of Asia with tons of MASSIVE and gorgeous hotels. We walked through one of them…

We felt very important and rich.

After Kate played a hand at the slots, we took the hotel complimentary service back to the ferry terminal to catch a ride back to HK. Macau was seriously so much fun and I definitely will go back for a weekend visit. The food, cheap beer, culture mix and strange ambiance makes for a pretty cool place to check out. It’s super easy to get their from HK with the ferry which leaves multiple times throughout the day. Such fun!

Anyway I shall be off to bed. First *official* day of work at my new job tomorrow.

xoxo, S


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