Becoming a New Yorker and LOVING it

Moving to New York City is potentially one of the best moves I’ve made yet. As it’s been said many times before I’ll say it again, there is SO much to do in this city. It’s honestly never ending. Whether it be free fitness classes in the park, reduced rate (I’m talking from $25 – $1.50) and free museum days and endless dining options, It’s safe to say that I have truly found my happy place. I am in the process of moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Manhattan you’re a beaut, but you’re awfully expensive. I’ve been working at Jon Fraser’s NIX michelin starred vegetarian restaurant and Greenwich full time and it’s been quite an exciting ride thus far, leading me to meeting some wonderful people, unforgettable encounters and delicious food…

Cashew yogurt with agave, blueberries and house made granola from NIX.

It’s hard to say what I love most about this city. Running into celebs every other day, (so far I’ve got Alec Baldwin, Ed Norton, Blythe Danner, Alicia Keys and hubby, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Banks, Food Network peeps, etc) working in the industry that I absolutely love the most, the fact that beaches are just a mere subway ride away, all the wineries upstate, the range of dining options and exciting events happening on the reg – IT’S OVERWHELMING in the best way!

So what have I been doing to fill my time, you ask? One of my favorite things to do is take a yoga class at Yoga To the People. With locations throughout Manhattan and BK, there are also studios in San Fran, Yoga To the People is a donation based yoga studio. Suggested donation is $10 per class, but they say to give whatever you can that day, some days that may be $10 and others it may be just $1. The instructors are phenomenal, all obviously trained in similar style, I’ve never felt such energy in a yoga classroom. Through vocal breathing techniques and a calming instruction, class seems to always fly by. Check out their website for details – deff worth a try!

Shakespeare in the Park is another wonderful summer event! Julius Cesar is the current production and will go on until July when it changes to A Midnight summer’s dream. We managed to score tickets on opening night, which is no easy feat. In order to obtain a pair you must go wait in line at the box office in Central Park, which opens at noon, but if you want better chances to score tix it’s recommended to line up early. I trekked over with a yoga mat on opening day at 10am and was probably the 60th person in line. I also entered an online lottery the night before to up my chances. By the time noon rolled around the line started to move quickly and I received an email saying that I had won the lottery! So I spent 2 hours waiting in line for nothing, but it was overall an enjoyable morning people watching and reading.

BYOB at Shakespeare in the Park! Presto sparkling rosé is perfect for a summer day!!

I hit up the Guggenheim last week on Frank Lloyd Wright (the architect’s) 125th birthday. It was a celebration with reduced rate to the public, tickets went from $25 -> $1.50. A ship friend came to visit so it was an excuse for a day out, which obviously included a meal!

So after admiring the art of the Guggenheim we wandered 50 blocks downtown until we arrived at ABC Cocina, a Jean-Georges latin inspired farm-to-table resto. The interior is quite glamorous, a unique chic, with floral art adorning the walls and mismatched plates on each table and chandeliers hanging overhead.

With tapas style dishes we enjoyed a little bit of, well, everything. The Spanish rosé on the wine list was exceptional. The freshly baked bread is served with olive oil and sea salt.

The octopus was served over a paprika cream sauce topped with a tomato jam, the flavors played so well together and it was definitely one of my favorite bites of the day. The chicken tacos are particularily noteworthy as is the fennel salad with a yogurt sauce, jalapeno, rhubarb and pistachio. Such a fun day with you, Lisa!

And sometimes, the best days are just lounging around having a good read in the park. So if any of these things appeal to you, COME TO NEW YORK. Oh, and it’s also extremely freaking hot here. But apparently it’s something you get used to… Anyway all for now!




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